Lavazza - Italy's favorite coffee

Lavazza his historic journey began back in 1895. in Torino, when Luigi Lavazza opened a small shop specialized in roasting and selling coffee. In 1927. the company has developed into what we know today as Luigi Lavazza SpA. In sixties Lavazza began producing vacuum packaging. History of this coffee is 118 years and today you can drink Lavazza in more than 90 countries worldwide.
Lavazza’s history is the story of a successful company, but it is also the tale of a family that has worked passionately for four generations, striving to combine quality, tradition and originality. The distinctive values of the Lavazza brand are quality and innovation while respecting tradition. To achieve this, Lavazza has created the Training Centre Network, an international network of 43 coffee laboratories around the world, where all customers, above all in the Away-from-Home sector, as well as journalists and opinion leaders — for a total of 25,000 people per year — can learn about how to make an excellent espresso and study everything there is to know about the world of coffee.
An international company that feels itself involved daily in strengthening its pact of trust with customers around the world and through every channel, through the creativity that has always set it apart. So that drinking a Lavazza coffee will always be a pleasure.

Althaus - Tea with character

Althaus is a young company with tea experts have over 20 years experience. Based on years of knowledge and experience about the culture and tradition of tea in the world from Germany, Russia and the U.S. experts have developed the modern concepts of tea. Althaus premium quality teas grown from the world's finest plantations. Carefully selected blends merged superior color, flavor, aroma and appearance. Enjoy innovative varieties of teas. Althaus tea is what it says its slogan - tea with character.

Eraclea - Peek with us into the world of chocolate

The company was founded in 1968. in Milan, which is part of the Lavazza Group since 2010. Eraclea offers a variety of coffee, tea  and hot chocolate and flaky cookies, which your hot chocolate turned into a whole new experience, as well as other products that their flavor of the ultimate in hospitality. Method and dishes which are served makes drinking tea or chocolate is a special experience.

Fabbri - Since 1905

The company was founded in 1905 in Italy, specializing in the manufacture, development and distribution of goods and intermediate goods used in the confectionery and food industry. FABBRI produce paste , creams, fruit products, fruit syrups and ice cream ... Over 70 different flavors of ice cream can be found within our extensive product offerings. Tradition hundred years is a guarantee of quality and success of this world-renowned manufacturer.  FABBRI is the symbol of the great tradition, synonymous with quality and sweetness, the perfect ingredient in all kinds of desserts, unique and unmistakable taste. Top quality guaranteed by the fact that some of our production technique has a long tradition of a century.


What is your favorite type of coffee?

Espresso - 41.7%
Cappuccino - 16.7%
Late - 0%
Macchiato - 41.7%

Total votes: 24